Artists & Illustrators

To bring your ideas to reality, we employ more than 70 in-house illustrators, digital coloring and manual coloring artists in our arts section. They are young, they are creative and they live to create. They can do all sorts of designs and illustrations, from simple to technical drawings, from cartooning to live sketches, and from landscapes to abstract concepts. They not only posses their own art styles, but also have the capability to adopt any art style based on your requirements.


We have a dedicated team of editors, assistant editors, copy editors, creative writers & content experts. Although fourteen in number, their passion, experience and judgment in children's writing is immense. They are further bifurcated into fiction and non fiction stream to cover all sides of children books. Be it any conceivable subject, they will manage your publication with the style and impact you want to create.

We also work with some well known freelancers in the industry who are rigorously tested to ensure high quality products.

Graphic Designing

Our expert team of 15 visualizers, layout artists and designers work to meet your graphic, design and imaging objectives. Their instincts, creative capabilities and in depth technical knowledge in various print applications allow our clients to experience unmatched level of our services and help creating the right product for you.


We have a small team of visualizers, 2D animators, clean up artists, and flash programmers to create 2D animation, interactive games and puzzles with ease. We also have a team of freelancers who can work in tandem with our team to meet any deadlines.


No team is complete without the support of the administrative executives, system administrators, accountants, field executives, marketing and sales people in the company. In fact they are the face as well as the backbone of our team. We take pride in having one of the most efficient support team which facilitates the smooth working and deliveries of our projects.